No to racism, NO to fascism


NO TO RACISM, NO TO FASCISM – Following the terrible events in Macerata and the recent upsurge of xenophobic acts in Italy and Europe, on Saturday 24th Feb at 11am We will join the the stand-in organised by the PD Londra & UK, ANPI Londra, LEU UK, INCA-CGIL Londra, +Europa, and our friends from ‘UNITED AGAINST FASCISM’ at 236 Cable street, the place where many citizens of East London on 4th October 1936 paid with their own life their opposition to Mosley’s blackshirts.

JOIN US! Let’s not forget that democracy, tolerance, and freedom are not a given and shall be defended every day. Let’s commemorate together Jo Cox and condemn any act of racism and fascism in Italy, in the UK, in Europe, and in the world.